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eCommerce has continued to grow over the past several years and we expect it to keep growing, getting even faster and bigger.  It is epitome of easy, if someone starts run low on shampoo, simply go online and buy it.  In a couple of days it will show up at your door.  At Driftless Ramblings we try to help fulfill the need for what people may want to order.  We strive to find the best products and deals possible to supply to online customers.

We hope to soon be offering some of our favorite items on our own website shop.

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Survival Library – How to prepare

Prepare a survival library

In the event of a total economic or societal collapse the Net and many other sources of information probably are not going to be obtainable. Nowadays folks simply do an Internet search to obtain answers to lots of their problems. If there was no World-wide-web, let a lone no electricity, would you know how to butcher a pig? Or even can applesauce?  These skills together with many others are the kinds of things that you ought to be obtaining into a physical survival collection so you might refer to in an crisis. It doesn’t have to become costly or fancy, many books with helpful info are available at discount stores or possibly even yard sales. Don’t discard publications that detail a number of these abilities, possibly rip out articles to increase the survival library or keep the complete magazine. Print the page that you referred to for that yard care question, that way you will have it accessible if you are not able to access the Web.

Basic Survival Skills

Rooster standing in grass.

Chickens can be butchered to survive if the survival library tells you how.

An excellent place to begin setting up a survival library would be around survival techniques, primarily ones that you might not have a strong history in. Sometimes even if you do know a skill, it could be helpful to keep what helped you learn the skill, either for referring to or to have the ability to swap off to someone who might need to know the technique.

If there is a total economic or cultural collapse this info can allow you to survive a preliminary adjusting period. Unless you’re working at acquiring all these skills it will take a while to adjust to this different lifestyle. Obtaining clean drinkable water is going to be vital to your ongoing well-being and any effective basic survival technique reference should detail at least one way, if not a number of ways, to clean water.

Homesteading Material

Another very good topic to incorporate in the survival library is on homesteading techniques and even more detailed info on gardening, seed propagation and animal husbandry. This particular information will assist you in starting to produce some, if not all, of your own personal foodstuff. Food storage and preservation will also be useful to take care of whatever is produce. This may also become a valuable barter item to trade to get something you cannot produce yourself.

Mechanical Resources

An auto mechanic will have a head start on these skills, but simple car repair skills may help to save a good deal in garage costs, be sure to include small engines and diesel as well. Diesel engines are generally simpler and last longer than gasoline engines. Using proper understanding it’s also possible to operate a diesel engine off vegetable oil, that may be manufactured as a sustainable fuel.

Healthcare Resources

Reference material on health concerns should also be part of a survival library, because healthcare services may be limited like mechanical services. General first aid is an obvious choice, but better reference materials should be included, things such as dental care and medical analysis guides, even internal medicine and surgery. You most likely are not qualified to make a diagnosis but maybe it can guide you to recognize whether you should have more a specialist, if it is accessible.

Building and utility reference material

Man working on roofing.

Doing your own home repair can save a lot of money.

The opportunity to develop and create building materials will be important, particularly if you can do it without power tools. There were eras of wood workers that labored with no help of power tools and some of this knowledge ought to go a long way towards saving work and losing supplies in blunders. Reference material on general building construction plus furnishings and various other detail carpentry might help replace better furniture when resources and time permit. However don’t stop at just woodworking books incorporate electrical and plumbing too. The potential to produce electricity only to power a few lights can be quite civilizing. And plumbing can help in cleanliness and simple needs for water inside a house.

Household chores

Information to show you even simple domestic jobs such as food preparation over an open fire could also be useful. Techniques like, building an earthen oven, or making a straw broom will be valuable skills to have. Artisan breads prepared from an earthen oven can even be a viable small company nowadays. Actually the simplest household tasks will change if no electricity is accessible. Chores that our grandparents did as a youngster without even thinking might be essential to learn again.

Go beyond the survival library

Don’t merely collect the survival library, be sure to evaluate some of it from time to time. Having the reference material available is only partially useful, it’s also wise to attempt to have the right tools along with materials available. You will want hand tools for wood working and tools for working the garden. Garden seeds, from heirloom seeds, will also be necessary to grow a garden year after year. Using open pollinated seeds will enable you to collect seeds from one year’s harvest to plant the following year.

A survival library can teach you how to cook pizza in an earthen oven.

A survival library could teach you how to cook pizza in an earthen oven


This should give you some good ideas on where to start a survival library.  Be sure to evaluate your situation, where you live, what you may have access to, and incorporate appropriate resource material.  At least one other area that wasn’t included in this list would be self-defense of some sort.

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Free Paint.net Graphics to Make Money Banners

USClickAds.com shows how to use free tools to make money and expand it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Make Money By Putting Your Photography Skills To Use

Article by Rick Hendershot

Despite what some people may think, taking pictures can yield dedicated, determined, and talented photographers a nice living. It is not impossible to use the hobby you enjoy as an income generator. However, you have to be smart about it and take advantage of as many avenues as you can. As a freelance photographer, the best thing to do is to diversify so you can have multiple sources of income from your photographs.

One of the newest ways to make money from your photographs is to do so online. The great thing about earning money online is that many of the details are taken care of for you. It’s also a good way for fledgling photographers to break into the market. There are a couple of ways to earn money online from photography.

One of the ways you can work from home as a photographer is to sell your photos to stock photography agency websites or microstock sites. On these sites, stock agencies offer the photographer a space to host their images, and pay the photographer a percentage of the fee charged to the buyer. The stock agency takes care of the marketing. All you have to do is hope that there are buyers for your images.

Microstock sites pay less and are less exclusive, but they are still a good way to earn money, especially for those just starting out. The better sites will have information on their sites discussing what makes the type of photograph that someone would want to buy, plus they will reveal the photos that have recently been licensed.

This is helpful for new photographers, or photographers who are just starting to make a go of making money from their hobby, so that they can see what kinds of photos are in demand. When dealing with stock agencies and microstock sites, your best bet is to sign up with and submit to as many as you can.

You can also make money by placing your photographs on your own website if you have one. If you don’t have one yet, starting one is a good idea so that you can begin marketing yourself and your photography services. You should have a section on your website where you display your work. Be sure to invite visitors to your site to browse your portfolio. There are many different ecommerce services you can use to create your own site even if you don’t know anything about web design.

You can also make money by selling your photographs directly to a variety of buyers, including magazines, websites, books, and postcard companies. You can also teach photography classes or self-publish a photography book with your images.

By far, the easiest way to start as a freelance photographer is to work from home first and try to earn money online from your photos. Once you have some buyers, you can evaluate your photos and see which ones are selling, so you may have an idea what your strengths are. From there you can move on to make money in other ways.

Rick Hendershot publishes OpportunityBlogger.com – a make money online blog that features many diffferent online opportunities and ways to make money on the internet.

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