Microstock Earnings May 2009

I suppose I’m taking a slight risk posting this before the actual end of the month, but I’m willing to take that chance.  I’ll update the post if I actually get a Sunday download.

It’s now been two months since I’ve done any uploading of images.  I’m actually really getting the itch to get back to uploading, just don’t have much time right now.  The reason I want to get more pictures uploaded is because I’m really starting to see the financial effect a large, high quality microstock portfolio can have for me.  Although I can’t really say my portfolio is large or high quality.

Site Portfolio Size Downloads Earnings Comments
Fotolia 172 2 $2.10
IStockPhoto 122 3 $3.42
Crestock 21 0 $0.00
ShutterStock 141 7 $1.75
236 4 $5.90
Dreamstime 39 2 $0.95
123RF 239 0 $0.00
BigStockPhoto 46 0 $0.00
Totals Avg. 125 18 $14.12

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