April 2010 Residual Income Earnings

April was quite a month.  Just as I’m getting started building up my article library on eHow they change the entire process over to Demand Studios.  A lot of people aren’t too sure about writing for Demand Studios, especially doing the rev share there.  It would be nice to retain the rights to what I write, but I’m writing for them as much for the money and experience as the content.  I’ve actually already done several fixed price articles, each of which I made $15 for and 1 rev share article that’s been accepted.  I have one more rev share article in review.  I like both capabilities so see myself doing both.  I like the $15 up front but the rev share are nice in that they keep on earning (the reality is thought that I haven’t one article yet that has made me $15).

Site Portfolio Size Downloads Earnings Comments
Fotolia 177 1 $0.25
IStockPhoto 136 1 $2.80
ShutterStock 151 7 $1.75
Dreamstime 56 0 $0.00
123RF 239 2 $1.67
BigStockPhoto 46 0 $0.00
eHow Earnings 35 N/A $3.33 gotta love those sweeps
DemandStudios Earnings 1 N/A $0.00 $30 for fixed priced articles
Totals $9.80

The one thing I do like about writing for DemandStudios is that there should not be any sweeps after the article is out there.

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