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Article by Marcus Peterson

Nowadays, pursuit of health has become an unshakable part of our lives. A jealthy diet is certainly a key part of a healthy lifestyle, which means you need to eat the right food. So it is not a surprise if you want to keep away from buying eggs full of antibiotics and to build your own chicken coop.Have a flock in your backyard and enjoying green and safe eggs everyday, doesn’t it sound lovely? Before starting the project, it is important to make a plan first. Here are the things you need to take into your consideration: budget, location, size, light, ventilation and predatosr. Let’s examine these one by one.Budget: This is the key factor in your whole plan. How much can you spend on the chicken coop may decide whether your plan can be accomplished or not. After all, this is building a chicken coop is meant to improve your life, not drag it down. What’s more, there is another part in the budget besides money: time. How many hours can you spend on building the coop, maintaining and cleanning it every week? These two answers are things you should find out at the very beginning.Location and size: I want to talk about these two points together, since they are deeply connected. Chickens need space to live comfortable and happy lives so they can lay eggs regularly. Find a level place that won’t have flooding on rainy days and measure it. Most likely it will be the place to build your coop. Generally, each chicken needs 4-5 square feet inside the coop for optimal health and egg production. With the size of the space and the flock you want to have, you can decide to build a small coop or a large one.Grab A Copy Click hereChicken is the kind of animal is dependent on the sun. They rise with the sun and rest with the sunset. Make sure your chickens get enough sunshine to keep them healthy. Several windows facing the sun will solve the problem perfectly.Ventilation becomes especially important in summer and/or if your coop is in a damp place. After rain, good ventilation will help to dry the coop in a short time. And in summer, cool wind is important for the chickens. Windows are the best way to have good ventilation.The last but definitley not the least, consider predators. Predators can attack your chickens from the sky, land and even under ground. To protect your chickens from the top and from the ground, a sturdy fence is key. If your enemies come from underground, your fences should be there too, going at least a foot down.These are just some simple tips for building your own chicken coop, if you really want to build a good one in the most easy and money-saving way, I strongly recommend the ebook “Building a chicken coop.” In the book you will find more than you need in starting your chicken-raising experience. If you are not satisfied with the book, there is a 60-days 100% money back guarantee!

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Building A Chicken Coop

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I needed to make some calculations to find out how much chicken wire I needed to fence in my chickens. Using some surface area equations I was able to get just the right amount.