Somewhat Inconsistent

I know I’ve been somewhat inconsistent with my posts here, and I’m trying to do better, but I can’t guarantee I will be.  I’m just working on so many different projects right now that this one is lower on the list.

Here’s a list of some of what I’m working:

–  Niche site(s), got one up working on getting it ranked and need to get couple more going, this has been where my focus has been, but working on switching it over to the alpaca farm.

– The alpaca business is starting to head into the busy season so things are going to be real nuts.  As a part of that I finally got a shop of alpaca products up and running that I’m happy with.

–  I continue to slowly add some articles to InfoBarrel and others, largely based on getting backlinks to other sites.

–  The photography stuff has really fallen off, but still do shoot with some of that in mind, just rarely get them submitted.

I feel that I’ve really been picking up on some of the SEO processes that I need to get some of my sites ranked higher.  I was somewhat surprised to see that Driftless Ramblings comes up on the first page of google with a search term of nikon 18 200 lens“. I guess it’s because of the age of the page, cause I sure don’t think I did much in the way of SEO on it.  Now all I need to do is figure out how to capitalize on the position.


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A review of 2009 for Driftless Ramblings

I didn’t do too much to advance the exposure of Driftless Ramblings.  I did a little bit with adding to my microstock photography portfolios but not really consistently like I had hoped.  My portfolios have been earning slowly but making payouts are still pretty elusive.  I got two in 2009, one from Fotolia and one from Shutterstock.  Like to get my portfolio built up to the point where I can be getting a payout about every month or so.  All the different sites combined earn me about $10 per month, it’s just a matter of getting them to the payout threshhold.

My venture into writing for has been going pretty good.  I’ve been earning as much there as from my microstock sites.  The writing also gives me some backlinks to some various sites as I’m trying to get some affiliate marketing going.  As a matter of fact I have just received my first payout from, $12.27, not much but hopefully I can keep it growing.


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Started writing for eHow

Besides my microstock portfolios I’m always experimenting with other options to make money on the Internet.  A very likely candidate to assist in this writing for eHow.  And they only have a $10 payout as opposed to the $50 – $100 for the microstock sites.  My current goal is to get 30 articles up by the end of November.  Hopefully that goes better than my previous Microstock goal.

How to Videos & Articles:

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Weekly Contest – Win $25

  Things have been a little slow here lately on getting any blog posts written. I have been reading a bunch of different blogs on blog marketing and internet marketing, among other things, and came across this post, The Weekly Winner Contest on Mixed Market Arts.  I figured I would go ahead and enter my first blog contest.  Collin writes a blog about a lot of topics I am just getting started at learning:

  1. Blog Marketing
  2. Blog Marketing Blog
  3. Increase Website Traffic
  4. Link Building
  5. Link Building Blog
  6. Internet Marketing
  7. Internet Marketing Blog

  I wish I had started learning internet marketing and making money from the web years ago.  I started using the internet before the web even existed, using command line ftp and thinking gopher was a great user interface.

   To enter the contest all you have to do is write a 250 word blog post on your blog with a couple links back to his site.  The real wild thing is, you only need to enter once and have chance to win the $25 weekly prize as long as the contest runs, you can win as often as possible as long as the contest runs, the only limit being once per month.  He will give at least four weeks notice when he plans to end the contest.

   He is giving away as much in a month in this contest that is as much as my current goal to be making from the internet.  The link back could do lots for my traffic count as well.


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