May 2010 Residual Internet Income

May was interesting.  I actually did a good bit of writing but mostly for DemandStudios fixed price articles.  But that isn’t really what I’m after, although the cash is nice.  I had signed up for InfoBarrel before eHow shutdown their WCP so have started really writing there to try to build my residual income.  When I get more details I may change the Adsense row in the table to more specifics, so far I haven’t actually earned anything from InfoBarrel, but I only had 2 articles up until a couple days ago.

The interesting part about May was the eHow earnings, they were at a monthly best.  I have been adding some backlinks to the articles so don’t know if that was why or if the articles are aging in the search engines.

Site Portfolio Size Downloads Earnings Comments
Fotolia 177 2 $2.75
IStockPhoto 136 0 $0.00
ShutterStock 151 10 $4.13
Dreamstime 56 1 $0.35
123RF 239 0 $0.00
BigStockPhoto 46 0 $0.00
eHow Earnings 35 N/A $8.94 gotta love those sweeps
DemandStudios Earnings 3 N/A $0.00 $120 for fixed priced articles
Google Adsense N/A N/A $6.38 This was a bit unusual, but hopefully it continues
Totals $22.33


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March 2010 Internet Income

I’m going to work on getting back in the habit of posting my Internet Income on my blog.  Notice I didn’t say just Microstock, like I was doing before.  I’ve been working on getting some other internet earnings.  Currently eHow is really the only one to speak of I’m going to keep working.

Site Portfolio Size Downloads Earnings Comments
Fotolia 172 2 $1.10
IStockPhoto 134 4 $4.11
ShutterStock 151 16 $31.75 First Enhanced download!!!
Dreamstime 56 1 $1.01
123RF 239 2 $0.91
BigStockPhoto 46 0 $0.00
eHow Earnings 39 N/A $4.96
Totals $43.84

Microstock Diaries
Nil to Mil
Pixels Away


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eHow blogs

I’m currently averaging about $0.15/day from my articles on eHow.  A friend on eHow, Rob Farmer, just started a blog eHow Internet Income and he’s making $1.00 – $1.50 on average per day and he has only a couple more articles than me.

We’re actually doing much the same things.  Writing ehow article as well as doing Xomba.  My goal is to build up to $100/month on all my different internet income streams.  By this I mean my microstock photography, eHow,  Google AdWords (via Xomba and other means), affiliate links, etc.

The microstock sites have pretty much been just sitting there.  I’m really getting the urge to get shooting again and get them building.  Would like to get them to payout on a more regular basis, but from everything I’m reading they do much better as long as you keep active.

I’m focusing on eHow right now.  Short term goal of getting to the $10/month consistently for a couple months to get that payout.  By then it should be spring and getting warmer out and I can do some outside shooting.


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A review of 2009 for Driftless Ramblings

I didn’t do too much to advance the exposure of Driftless Ramblings.  I did a little bit with adding to my microstock photography portfolios but not really consistently like I had hoped.  My portfolios have been earning slowly but making payouts are still pretty elusive.  I got two in 2009, one from Fotolia and one from Shutterstock.  Like to get my portfolio built up to the point where I can be getting a payout about every month or so.  All the different sites combined earn me about $10 per month, it’s just a matter of getting them to the payout threshhold.

My venture into writing for has been going pretty good.  I’ve been earning as much there as from my microstock sites.  The writing also gives me some backlinks to some various sites as I’m trying to get some affiliate marketing going.  As a matter of fact I have just received my first payout from, $12.27, not much but hopefully I can keep it growing.


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