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Renewable Energy

Since I became a father I’ve become more interested in the future and what we will be leaving for a children. I could go into a long rant here about the economic future of the USA, but that’s not what I want to focus on today. I want to focus on renewable energy from an individuals stand point.

I’ve long been interested in renewable energy. When we built our house four years ago I looked into all sorts of ideas, but due to cost constraints couldn’t utilize any actual renewable energies initially. What we did do was put a lot of conservation effort into the construction of the house. We built the house out of insulated concrete forms, use an on-demand hot water heater and dual flush toilets to save water. From checking with both our propane supplier and electric company it does seem that we are living a little more efficiently the last couple years. We have not made any drastic changes, adjusting the thermostat a degree or two saves some, switching to more compact fluorescent light bulbs to reduct electric usage. I do know we’ve added more electrical loads and have still reduced our electrical usage, but I’d like to see the reductions continue or getting bigger because I can still attribute a lot of the savings on the milder weather.

The cost of our propane has gone up every year for the past four years and our electicity will be going up for the first time this coming year. In an effort to keep our utility budget the same we’re going to need to be making some additional changes. I’m hoping that the heat grabber I referred to in my introductory post will save a couple gallons during the winter, but it will still take quite a while to save the cost of building it, but financial reasons aren’t the only reason I’m interested in doing it. Just reducing the amount of fossil fuels will be beneficial.

I’m also looking into a grid-tie wind turbine which should hopefully significantly reduce our grid electrical use.

As energy prices continue to increase it is becoming much more economical for the individual to look into generating some of their energy. This doesn’t even take into account the reduction of pollution and dependency on foreign oil.

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