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eCommerce has continued to grow over the past several years and we expect it to keep growing, getting even faster and bigger.  It is epitome of easy, if someone starts run low on shampoo, simply go online and buy it.  In a couple of days it will show up at your door.  At Driftless Ramblings we try to help fulfill the need for what people may want to order.  We strive to find the best products and deals possible to supply to online customers.

We hope to soon be offering some of our favorite items on our own website shop.

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8" x 8" 30 Page Photo Book only $11.99

ArtsCow.com is offering a great deal on 8″ x 8″ photo books with 30 pages.  They’re only $11.99 with free shipping.  Here’s the codes you’ll need to use to get this price:

Z232VLM Apr/29/2009

They do expire April 29, 2009 so pick your code and go give it shot.  I’m ordering mine as soon as I get my pictures uploaded!


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Introduction to Driftless Ramblings

The more I use this web site name the more I like it. Hopefully as the name ‘Driftless Ramblings’ implies readers will understand that I don’t have any one topic that I’ll be focusing on in this blog. There are lots of blogs out there about making money on the internet and seo, both topics I’m interested in, and may post on occasionally but usually referring to others that are more experienced than myself. As I figure it out I’ll try to pass on the experience I gain.

There are several projects I would like to work on. Some of the projects are getting a worm bin going. Another is building a Heat Grabber, to see if I can reduce the amount of propane that we’ve been using to heat the house.

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