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From Horse Feeders To Chicken Incubators – It Is Not Grandpa’s Farm Anymore

Article by Daniel Marcus Manson

Farming has always played a major part in the history of the world. Besides the small city areas, the rest of the land held thousands of small family owned farms that would feed the community that they lived in, and supply, any neighboring cities with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.

People were proud to put in a hard day’s work on their farms because they knew the satisfaction that they would get out of their harvest each year. It seems that although times were much simpler back then, it took a lot more work to do things. This is because people did not have some of the inventions and technology that there is available today.

A farm used to have several acres of land so that farmers were able to grow a few different crops, maybe have an orchard, a family garden, and room for their animals to roam. Not all farms raised animals to slaughter to sell; many farms only raised enough animals that they would need to feed themselves.

This is because taking care of and feeding a large herd of animals could get pricey. However, on farms nowadays it is common to see bags of feed mixes and feeders, instead of roaming room. For example, a farmer would buy a mix of oats and other items to feed their horses and then put it into Horse feeders so that they could control when and how much the horse eats.

There has been much additional advancement in the farming industry that has reduced the amount of actual physical labor the farmers must endure in order to keep their farms going. As well as other advancements that assist in maintaining certain situations so that farmers have more control over things that were previously thought to be left up to fate and the environment. For instance, people have created chicken incubators so that they can control the temperature that an egg is hatched in, while at the same time keeping it safe.

John L. Carlson comes from a family with a history of farming experience. In fact, he is the first generation of his family that has not grown up on some form of a farm. All of his ancestors have either worked on a family farm or found employment on someone else’s farm, helping to raise cows in the stables, hatch chicks in a chicken incubator, and grow crops by tilling and sowing the fields. Mr. Carlson has heard the stories of how hard the work was and the sense of accomplishment that came from working with the land and raising one’s own livestock. However, since times have changed farming is no longer the same as it once was. Instead of having, acres and acres of land for the horses to graze on farmers now have horse feeders that they are able to feed from so that a lot of extra land is not necessary.

Daniel Marcus Manson

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