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Weekly Contest – Win $25

  Things have been a little slow here lately on getting any blog posts written. I have been reading a bunch of different blogs on blog marketing and internet marketing, among other things, and came across this post, The Weekly Winner Contest on Mixed Market Arts.  I figured I would go ahead and enter my first blog contest.  Collin writes a blog about a lot of topics I am just getting started at learning:

  1. Blog Marketing
  2. Blog Marketing Blog
  3. Increase Website Traffic
  4. Link Building
  5. Link Building Blog
  6. Internet Marketing
  7. Internet Marketing Blog

  I wish I had started learning internet marketing and making money from the web years ago.  I started using the internet before the web even existed, using command line ftp and thinking gopher was a great user interface.

   To enter the contest all you have to do is write a 250 word blog post on your blog with a couple links back to his site.  The real wild thing is, you only need to enter once and have chance to win the $25 weekly prize as long as the contest runs, you can win as often as possible as long as the contest runs, the only limit being once per month.  He will give at least four weeks notice when he plans to end the contest.

   He is giving away as much in a month in this contest that is as much as my current goal to be making from the internet.  The link back could do lots for my traffic count as well.


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Driftless Ramblings New Look

  As much as I liked the previous theme I was using with the parchment look, I have decided to switch themes to the current one.  The new theme is much cleaner looking as well as having Google Adsense already incorporated as well as an icon for the RSS feed subscription.


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Update on permalink issues with WordPress and IIS

I think I did get it figured out, at least to an acceptable degree. I had initially selected ‘Custom’ and specified a format I wanted to use along with information in the previous post. But it wouldn’t work, I just got a blank page when I tried to bring up just the post page via the permalink. I even contacted my hosts tech support and after some research they said they didn’t support permalinks. Isn’t a permalink really just a URL? Maybe he was talking doing some of the redirection or something.

Just for the heck of it I tried ‘Date and Name based’. IT WORKED! Now I can go on to see if I can get an RSS feed setup.

—–  Additional Info added 1/19/2008  —–

The wp-404-handler.php file from the link in this post is needed to get the pretty permalinks to work.

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Pretty Permalinks on IIS

Here again I guess I should have done more research before leaping. My hosting system uses IIS and the pretty permalink stuff doesn’t work out of the box with IIS.

I’ve switched it back to the default and will have to do some more research. A quick search turned up this article that looks to be useful:

I guess getting this change should be on my short list if I want to do before too many more posts.


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