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Best DIY Camera Slider- Cheap and Durable for Any Camera (550d/T2i) Hs300 Go Pro

Best DIY Camera Slider- Cheap and Durable for Any Camera (550d/T2i) Hs300 Go Pro

Watch the Tutorial Here: I made this slider after watching tons of DIYs videos from you tube. So, thanks you tubers who put their efforts in making their sliders and giving me the ideas to create mine. I apologize for previously not mentioning the names who influenced me in making this slider, and huge credit goes to the following Great Minds: Don’t Forget, this video is only for the informational and learning purpose only: The Frugal Filmmaker(The Best Channel for DIY and Filmmaking) Watch this video below: so you know where did those people get their ideas who complaining too 1/2 inch PVC pipe.. Paul Koslow Indy Mogul Catascouts Huge Thanks to Emm From (Mr.CheesyCam) for broadcasting links for awesome DIYs and DSLR support. visit for other tutorials. And if I am missing anyone, please feel free to comment or send me a message so I can add your name. The base camera platform of this slider is very strong and can hold heavy cameras. I used T Shape simpson Ties as guards and used a polyester and metal for the top of the platform, then I added a lock system for slider to stay at one location, and added two sets of wheels in the bottom for camera safety while doing the vertical and horizontal shots upside down. I used PVC for the slide rails, they are good and I don’t feel any wobbliness.. however I will be improving my
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Have you seen videos that look dull and dark? Well there’s little trick to make them look good for videos. Inside this video I show you how to make your own professional light for under .00 To get more tips and resources like this visit

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How To Earn Money With A Cheap DSLR Camera

Article by Wayne Rasku

Do you have a cheap DSLR camera? Even though it cost you less money than a pro model, it may still be a great tool to make you some money. You may want to consider using portrait photography to produce some additional cash. Digital photography has become one of the planet’s fastest increasing interests. With some know-how and a bit of imagination, it is possible to change your interest into a money-making business. There are a number of ways you can use that cheap dslr camera to help you build profit.

All it requires is a little creativity, a knack for showmanship, some salesmanship and the motivation to do a little work, and you are ready to go.

If you have been previously involved with photography then there is a strong likelihood that you already have all the gear that’s needed to start. The items you need are: that inexpensive digital camera, any high-quality printer or publishing service, and also a good tripod.

An important tool regarding digital professional photographers is a good image editing software. Adobe products like Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, and Lightroom are some of the very best digital image editing applications on the market, or you can use Paint Shop Pro or Corel Paint, which are less money.

Investing a couple of hundred dollars for marketing materials will get you off to an excellent start.

Now, we need to discuss perhaps the most common misconception before heading any further. It’s not at all impossible to create a good revenue from your photography, despite what you may hear from your friends. They will point out that since photography has become so popular, almost everyone has a digital camera or perhaps a pretty good camera in their phone. Why would they want to pay you to take pictures for them when they can take their own?

The answer is simple. It’s true that just about all households have a digital camera, or a movie camera. But how good could they be at using it?

You might want to check out how many decent pictures individuals actually take. Let’s be honest. Their photos are usually horrible. Many photos taken by novices have motion blur, bad color saturation, as well as poor composition. Newbies lack skills. Dark shadows because the picture was taken without paying attention to the harsh glare of the sun. And then they are clueless when it comes to editing software. There is simply so much a skilled photo editor can do to correct an undesirable photograph.

Then, when the average person attempts to print their pictures, things can run amuck as well. Definitely, you have seen some images like this. The prints tend to be all pixelated because the resolution was incorrect in the camera. The person taking the photograph had no idea of the camera settings necessary for creating a printable picture.

That’s where you can help. Use your extensive digital photography knowledge to take a few sample pictures that you can display to prospective clients and just capture their attention.

Don’t think this can be done? Don’t be so quick to discount the possibilities. Pay attention to some of the supposed “professionals” who are taking pictures at the events you attend, like birthday parties and anniversaries. Many of them are not skilled at all.

Lots of people at a party bring their own cameras – but when the rubber meets the road, whose photos do they select? Yours, of course. And you don’t even think they are that special. But the party host is thrilled.

You just have to be willing and ready when the time comes. Then, when the word gets out about your talent, folks will be calling you all the time.

That is cool!

Anyone can try this! If you have the equipment, it is a great way to finance your hobby. Practice and get a bit of confidence in your own ability as a photographer, as well as in your photo croping and editing skill, create a basic advertising and marketing plan, and start shooting!

Even a cheap DSLR camera can help you to earn some extra cash. All it takes is a little photography skill and motivation. Look at for some great cheap cameras.

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Understanding Digital Photography How To Clean A Camera Lens

Article by Arthur Tracey

Knowing how to clean a camera lens is a top concern. A little bit of dust or dirt on your optics can cause all kinds of problems. Strong light will show up dust and dirt in your footage, while general dirt will affect image sharpness, so it’s essential you keep them clean. Before you wipe the front of your lens, get rid of any dust or grit that may scratch the glass. A good quality soft brush or air blower is perfect. Clean the whole of lens frequently, making sure that the external moving parts are free from dust and mud, especially sand which can cause tons of issues and scratches. A handy addition to your kit is a microfibre towel – essentially a mega prime quality duster. It’s excellent for wiping moisture and muck off your kit and if you sling it over the top of your lens it can even keep your gear dry in light rain. Bike and car photographers regularly throw a chamois leather over camera and lens to guard them from flying mud. When you take a lens off your camera always replace the rear and front lens caps immediately, to prevent knocks and scratches and keep dust off the optics. If you’ve a lens hood, use it. It can stop flare spoiling your photographs, but also protect the front part against impact damage. Or, try the classic DIY solution – rip a hole in the base of a plastic bag and slip it over the lens and camera, held in place with 2 elastic bands! Be careful of rushing straight out of the cold into a warm place, as it might cause the internal lens elements to mist. Try and slowly acclimatise your kit; at the least open your camera bag, and keep it away from heat sources. It’s best to take a position in a screw-in skylight filter for each of your lenses. They’re much less expensive to replace than a complete lens if you accidentally scratch it.To learn more tips and techniques for better pictures check out, Understanding Digital Photography

Taking beautiful pictures is my hobby and my passion. I hope the information you read here will help you take beautiful pictures. Check out my lens, Understanding Digital Photography!

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