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Microstock March 2008 Update

March was a pretty dry month for downloads, only got two from Fotolia. I was successful at getting a couple more pictures approved at most of the sites. I got some images approved on Dreamstime which is a new site for me. I’m really trying to focus on getting good images that will sell as microstock images. Everything I’ve been reading says you can’t really make any predictions until you get a portfolio of 100 images, so that’s my goal, especially for IStockPhoto.

My average portfolio size is currently 43 images, and that doesn’t include the sites I don’t have any images on yet.

Sites Portfolio Size Downloads Balance Comments
Fotolia 90 11 $6.27 Only site to get any downloads this month
Lucky Oliver 92 2 $1.20  
IStockPhoto 22 2 $1.40  
Crestock 9 0 $0.00  
ShutterStock 0 0 $0.00 Failed to get accepted four times
StockXpert 0 0 $0.00 Need to get my second attempt together
Dreamstime 7 0 $0.00  
Totals Avg. 43 15 $8.87  


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