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Getting the Right Chicken Feeders to Cut Down on Feed Expenses

Article by Johnny Gilbert

Have you ever looked at the problem of how to get feed to your chickens in the most efficient and the cleanest way possible? The best chicken feeder is the kind that keeps the feed it stores within safe from the weather, stays free of rust and rot itself, and that hopefully keeps pests like rats that tend to hang around a chicken coop away. This last little requirement – the one where you need to keep the rats away tends to be particularly important. Rats can really scare chickens.

Now as simple as the problem seems, some of the automatic chicken feeders you get on the market can be quite complex with every bell and whistle you could imagine. If you like to keep things reasonably simple, going for a treadle-based chicken feeder should be your best bet. It neatly takes care of all the concerns we have about keeping the mess to a minimum, keeping rats away and being weather proof. Most treadle based chicken feeders are made of galvanized iron – the rain does nothing to them. And since the feeder only puts out a little measure of grain or anything else at one time, rats and other pests have nothing to come in snooping for. They usually hold several pounds of chicken feed at a time, and you rarely have to go fill the feeder up more than a couple times a month.

So how does the treadle work? Basically, a treadle is a large pivoted board at the bottom of the feeding device. The board is attached to a mechanical lever. Each time a chicken steps on the board, the weight of the chicken depresses the board and the lever attached to it. This action releases a quantity of feed on a feeding tray below, and the chickens can peck away at that. At first though, your chickens may have a hard time working out that they need to step on the device for the feed to magically appear. Usually, the technique recommended for the training is, to leave a heavy object on the treadle to keep the feeding tray open. With a quantity of feed there, you can take your chickens out to it, and dip each chicken’s beak in the feed.

You will be surprised to find that your chicken feed bills fall sharply when you install an automatic feeder. There is little waste to worry about, and there are no extra pets (rats) to buy feed for either.

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From Horse Feeders To Chicken Incubators – It Is Not Grandpa’s Farm Anymore

Article by Daniel Marcus Manson

Farming has always played a major part in the history of the world. Besides the small city areas, the rest of the land held thousands of small family owned farms that would feed the community that they lived in, and supply, any neighboring cities with fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats.

People were proud to put in a hard day’s work on their farms because they knew the satisfaction that they would get out of their harvest each year. It seems that although times were much simpler back then, it took a lot more work to do things. This is because people did not have some of the inventions and technology that there is available today.

A farm used to have several acres of land so that farmers were able to grow a few different crops, maybe have an orchard, a family garden, and room for their animals to roam. Not all farms raised animals to slaughter to sell; many farms only raised enough animals that they would need to feed themselves.

This is because taking care of and feeding a large herd of animals could get pricey. However, on farms nowadays it is common to see bags of feed mixes and feeders, instead of roaming room. For example, a farmer would buy a mix of oats and other items to feed their horses and then put it into Horse feeders so that they could control when and how much the horse eats.

There has been much additional advancement in the farming industry that has reduced the amount of actual physical labor the farmers must endure in order to keep their farms going. As well as other advancements that assist in maintaining certain situations so that farmers have more control over things that were previously thought to be left up to fate and the environment. For instance, people have created chicken incubators so that they can control the temperature that an egg is hatched in, while at the same time keeping it safe.

John L. Carlson comes from a family with a history of farming experience. In fact, he is the first generation of his family that has not grown up on some form of a farm. All of his ancestors have either worked on a family farm or found employment on someone else’s farm, helping to raise cows in the stables, hatch chicks in a chicken incubator, and grow crops by tilling and sowing the fields. Mr. Carlson has heard the stories of how hard the work was and the sense of accomplishment that came from working with the land and raising one’s own livestock. However, since times have changed farming is no longer the same as it once was. Instead of having, acres and acres of land for the horses to graze on farmers now have horse feeders that they are able to feed from so that a lot of extra land is not necessary.

Daniel Marcus Manson

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Types of Chicken Feeders

Article by Heather Eaton

In raising chickens, feeders are one of the essential things that you need to consider. Feeds for your chicken are placed on a chicken feeder. In some cases, raisers that are using chicken runs do not need feeders because the chicken inside the chicken run find their own food. It is very important that you are aware of the uses of the different types of feeders. Feeders are made from plastic or metals. They come with different sizes depending on the type of feeder that you want. The most common chicken feeders that are available are chick feeders, treadle feeders, plastic poultry feeders, grit hoppers, troughs and homemade feeders. Chick feeders are made exclusively for chicks until they are six weeks old. It can accommodate up to ten chicks per feeder. This is designed for feeds that are like sand. It can prevent spillage of feeds. They are usually made of plastic. Troughs are feeders that are made of galvanized metal. Troughs are available in different sizes depending on the quantity of chickens that you have. Its design is just like chick feeders. The only difference is it has wide openings and it is made of metal. Treadle feeders are made of metal. These feeders are made for fully grown chickens. When the chicken goes to the treadle, it will open and feeds will come out. When the bird leaves the treadle, it closes automatically. Plastic feeders are the most common feeders that are used in farms. They are made of plastic and it can be hanged anywhere. It has a cone shape. The feeds are place on top of the cone then it fills up the tray that is under the cone. Grit hoppers are also a type of feeder that is made of metal. Like troughs, this feeder closes automatically when the chicken leaves. It has a sloping lid that opens like a door. This type of feeder can help you prevent pest that eats the feeds inside the feeder. Homemade feeders are one of the best feeders that you can have. You can make your own feeder depending on your style. Feeders are one way of saving money and raising healthy chickens.

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Find Great Deals On Horse Feeders Or A Chicken Incubator Online

Article by Daniel Manson

Farming is busy work, and finding all the supplies that you need can be challenging to work into a hectic day. What’s more, most pet stores don’t carry the supplies that farmers depend on for their living. Are you realistically going to find an extensive collection of horse feeders or that chicken incubator you need in the aisles of dog collars, fish aquariums and ferret supplies?

Whether you own a large commercial farm or a small family operation, your needs are specific and need a unique solution. You want to be able to find everything you need, but chances are you won’t find it just down the street. Even if you live in an area that has a farm supply store, do you really have time to head into town when the workday has already gotten away from you as it is?

That’s why you should turn to the Internet for all your farming supplies. You can readily find anything you need online and have it shipped right to your door in a couple of days. The Internet offers farmer’s convenience and flexibility through the advantage of being able to find anything you need without leaving your home. You’ll find the prices on the web reasonable. Since the Internet features prices from all around, you can easily find the lowest price available with an online search, whether you need horse feeders, a chicken incubator or other farming supplies.

Taking care of horses requires the right supplies. You can readily find the lowest prices on horse feeders online. You can also get stall supplies, tack, treats and toys, all in one location. You get all this without even leaving your house. Get your horse completely supplied, right from the comforts of your own home. This leaves you more time to get back in the saddle. Although horse feeders can be large, they are shippable through the mail. The shipping costs are reasonable as well. Since shipping is such an integral part of an online dealer’s business, they strive to offer reasonable rates for your convenience.

Like any man, a good chicken incubator is hard to find. The latest improvements in the technology allow for an automatic egg turner that keeps the eggs rotating without human handling, exercising the egg for a healthier chicken later. Easy to operate, this chicken incubator rotates 41 eggs at one time. It would make your chicken jealous. Make your job easier by making your chicken incubator automatic.

Sam McPherson writes farming blogs about how the Internet can save farmers time and money. He has long discovered that horse feeders, a chicken incubator and other farm supplies can be found instantly on the Internet for less money than you’d pay in a farm supply store.

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