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After the lesson, swim with it Yangmingshan

Article by Candyugg

Yangmingshan reason lush grass and called “Grassy Hill”, after the commemoration of a great thinker Wang Yangming renamed “Yangmingshan”, the highest peak over 1000 meters above sea level, is the greater Taipei area holiday resort.

As the unique geographical environment, Yangmingshan has a rich natural landscape. Climatic factors (sub-tropical climate) to Yangmingshan lush growth of vegetation and variety; geological factors (of the volcanic topography and landscape, Sulfur-rich) to Yangmingshan National Park has a crater (eg, Xiao Youkeng), sulfur Valley (such as Dragon Valley) , hot springs and other views. Meanwhile, Yangmingshan is also a strong cultural atmosphere of the place. Hotel was from Chiang Kai-shek (Yangming Random House, Grassy line Museum) to the Lin Yutang House, was held from the “National Assembly” in Zhongshan China with a large floor to the characteristics of the Chinese Culture University, Yangmingshan these have added a heavy sense of history and culture .

Yangmingshan such outstanding natural and cultural landscape for many tourists come here, and the author as an exchange student at Chinese Culture University, Yangmingshan is fortunate to be living up in six months (September 2010-January 2011), Today may still food for thought. Like other sub-cultural University, Yangmingshan, there are our campus, our after-school paradise. We left too many footprints in the Yangmingshan Yangmingshan bring us joy but also too much … …

Whenever the end of the course the day, always out of the sub-text of the University campus, this park into the arms of Yangmingshan, to relax, flick class hard. Motorcycle, helmet, beer, tea, those with good equipment, you immediately start.

Although you can take the bus on the way up the mountain, but for young students riding a motorcycle is not only more convenient, but also have a more exciting experience, especially when the locomotive speed there is always a cool feeling. In fact, there are some Yangmingshan experience the thrills of motorcycle road trip, it is known Yangte Avenue, called the “Rugged Mountain Path.” Every time after that stretch of road, while my heart is really ups and downs. Acceleration is always running at a friend’s motorcycle when looking at a nearby cliff, feeling a small car and then we would have to be open to fly into the valley, could not help heart of a tight, close my eyes even have to issue a “ah” scream; but when the wall next to the motorcycle gear shift in the cliff, and found that twists and turns, “vista.” At this time emotions began to ease, locomotive began to accelerate. But not long, you see a peak, heart, tight, once again, “Interesting,” the heart and slow. Always have to repeat this many times before we finish this tortuous Yangte Avenue, really exciting unlimited ah.

Along the winding road up the mountain, all the way to the lush vegetation, really brought to the eyes and the feeling of relaxation. Listen to other students said, Yangmingshan is the most beautiful season of 2-3 months (known as “bloom”), that season in the mountain cherry, wild guitar cherry, azalea, peony bloom, filling the colorful mountains and plains, can be described as a sea of ??flowers . Not only that, the organizers also conducted during the flowering season Yangmingshan flower-themed concerts to, DIY and other activities, which are like listening to all attractive. But I have this season, they intend to rely on imagination to fill the bar.

For text of college students, the tour will always Yangmingshan two places: one is Lengshuikeng; one is the dyke post. Lengshuikeng is a gathering place for spring, because spring water is rich in sulphide and show white. Although called “cold water”, but there is also 40 ° C water temperature, because it is only relative in terms of spa water temperature. When arriving here, we will come to the famous “foot bath” next to their feet. Took off his shoes, rolled up his trouser legs, feet gently touch the water, try a small water. Then, we bravely put his legs into his water, hot water started going to hold back teeth feel hot, but then began to enjoy from the feet to bring the feeling of freshness. We always soak the feet side, while enjoying the surrounding scenery, chat with each other; moved a foot or spring water as milk-like white, and sometimes kicked out of the little waves, and even steal step look at who’s feet, which are added a lot of fun. Ma Ma until the soles of the feet feel like to get up, only to find the pool slowly from white and red rose is a both a “hoof”, people can not help laughing. Leave Lengshuikeng, we move forward post dyke. There is Yangmingshan more gentle terrain in a pasture, a famous Japanese occupation era ranch, but now has only a few head “watch cow” of the. That a large lawn like a large carpet, to attract people to come to picnic, picnic, wedding photography and so on. For large text the students, if we have not yet arrived when the sun down, then we would like to do in the run chase mountain lawn games, and so tired lying lying on the grass to see who play not far from ox walk, listen to air breathing and beef singing, indeed, there is a pleasant return to nature. If you arrive when the night has come, that we sit together quietly waiting for the stars appear. Because the post is on Mt dyke rare open terrain and high altitude, where visibility at night is always beautiful to see the gorgeous sky. Friends under the stars always come up with a toast of beer or milk to drink, talk about new, small talk gossip. If you can meet a meteor, it would “make a wish it.” Under the stars, we are drinking, chatting, singing, laughing and even crying, until midnight to go back.

If we do not go back to school late, then the slope of the campus will become the lover of our tour, “next.” Valentine’s slope is the culture inside the campus of the Taipei Basin, a large slope, with the advantage of location overlooking Taipei, Taipei City can be seen. Beautiful night, a broad perspective, coupled with a comfortable lawn, always attract a large number of couples here to snuggle and sit here, watching the 101 and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Taipei landmark building of these two roof lights flashing echo, see the Tamsui and Keelung River winds from different directions from the confluence, and perhaps thought to myself “I hope we can together as they are, as always, never betray.” If a person or group of people to look at Valentine’s night slope also no problem. Or just sit quietly chatting quietly, rather loud noise, couples also “acquiescence” of our existence. For couples, the night here is a landscape; for other people, couples itself is scenic.

Yangmingshan is the text of the University of child after school or park, swim Yangmingshan is all the same choice. However, the text of the University of child to swim only see part of the mountain, while other parts were needed by the description of different identities, I believe equally attractive.

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