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Microstock Earnings February 2009

I had a 30% increase in microstock earnings from January to February!  Mathematically that’s an accurate statement, the reality is that my numbers are still too small to make any assumption from that,I went from under $10 to just over $13.  Wah Huh!  Sorry, I’m in a bit of a sarcastic mood.

My experiment on rf123 doesn’t really seem to have worked.  The ones I donated to get downloaded several times, but I was hoping for some action on some of the similar ones.  And BigStockPhoto didn’t do anything in  February, like I had hoped it would after it’s good start.

Site Portfolio Size Downloads Earnings Comments
Fotolia 172 4 $2.58
IStockPhoto 101 2 $1.97
Crestock 21 0 $0.00
ShutterStock 140 16 $4.00
234 6 $2.50
Dreamstime 39 1 $1.67
123RF 221 1 $0.36
BigStockPhoto 37 0 $0.00
Totals Avg.121 30 $13.08

When it comes right down to it, I had fun doing it and what ever money I make is a nice extra. Although that doesn’t mean I don’t plan to keep working at it and setting some goals although my 10/week is already shot.

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