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Packing Photography Gear (What’s Inside the Bag)

Visit my site: to see some of my photos taken with this gear. Good day! I would like to show and tell about my gear, what are the things inside my bag (and also a quick view of the bag for those who are looking toward for this particular brand and model). What’s my setup when I go out and shoot for my clients. My camera system is Pentax. I may not have the greatest line-up of lenses (for now) but these lenses gives me great results. (Still earning to get me some SMC P DA* 50-135mm & SMC P DA* 16-50mm) By the way, I’m a freelance photographer. Enjoy! And have a nice day to all! PS Sorry for the crappy video. I just used a web cam (85mm equivalent) and attached my 0.5x Wide angle adapter lens, and used one of my 180watts studio lights as my light source (just turned on the modeling lamp). Music by: Weezer – Photograph _____________________________ What’s inside my backpack (Fancier WB-1626): – Pentax K110D – Pentax *ist DS – SMC Pentax DA 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 (My present wide angle lens) – SMC Pentax A 70-210mm 1:4 (My regular telephoto lens) – SMC Pentax FA 28-200mm 1:3.8-5.6 (My scouting lens) – SMC Pentax M 50mm 1:1.4 (My favorite lens) – Ricoh A 28mm 1:2.8 (Usually use it in low light situations) – Super Albinar M 38-70mm 1:3.5 (my walk-around mid-range lens) – Benny 2x Teleconverter (I use this for great distances and/or to enlarge a background over the foreground) – 0.5x Wide angle adapter 49mm (use it with 28mm to take artistic shots
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hey guys ithree6mafia here doing a review on: my camera equipement and what i use thanks for watching subscribe. any questions?? just comment below or message me i give immediate responses.

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