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Photography: Getting Started in Stock Photography – Part 1 Video that reveals a crucial strategy to follow when getting started in stock photography or micro stock photography. Sadly, most photographers makes this mistake when they get started in stock photography.

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Getting Started in Stock Photography – Part 2: Research Discover how to easily identify profitable stock photography markets. This is a demo video to “Getting started in stock photography – Part 1” and show practical examples how to determine supply and demand in stock photography
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DIY photography equipment: Shower Curtain Softbox Part 2 – In this little add on video I show a teak to the lighting setup of the Shower Curtain Softbox video. This is still all about DIY photography equipment, however, now I added a speedlight behind the model into the mix. If you like this kind of DIY photography equipment films then please let me know. Click on “Like” for instance. In this case I will make more of these videos.
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Can you earn money with an online gaming web site? – Part 2 (The Design)

Article by Joshua P Williams

Can you earn money with an online gaming web site? – Part 2 (The Design)

This articles main focus is on the architecture of the app. If you aren’t interested in this you might skip to the next article.

Now that I had established that I would create my online gaming site ( ), I began to look at the designs that were already out there and get ideas for what I liked versus what I didn’t like about them.These set some of the requirements that I wanted for my site.

Things I liked.

– The ability to search for games on the site- Having categories to group the games by- An image preview of the game- Details on the game before I began downloading it (giving me an opportunity to change my mind)- Game ranking (knowing the most popular games)

Things I didn’t like

– Ads everywhere (some of the sites had more ads than content and it made it hard to find the link to the game)- Objectionable material- Not being able to see any screenshots- Having to click through pages of ads in order to get to the content I was looking for.- Very busy pages (too many graphics and animated gifs jumping all over the place)- Bad layout that you might see in any website (hard to read text, bad coloring or confusing background imaged, etc..)

I also began looking at frameworks for my website.Since I would be developing this in ColdFusion MX 7 that narrowed my search down quite a bit. I looked at several options such as Fusebox, model glue, and a few others, but I settled on mach-ii because of it’s ease of deployment and use, and it’s focus on object oreinted development with MVC type architecture.

I decided that I wanted to build a site that I could change the appearance of later easily so it is all built around a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). This way, if I ever want to change the look and feel, I can do so without having to change the content of the site. I can just modify the style sheet and the entire app will be updated to reflect the new look and feel.

I also decided against using frames, as it would prevent people from bookmarking specific pages on the site, and I wanted to make it easier for google and yahoo to crawl and index them.

With all of this in mind, I began designing the database to house the details on the games (filename, descriptions, categories) and play counts, game type, etc…

I then began constructing the initial application (it’s already since been modified).

Subsequent articles following this will include information on the details on identifying hosting, marketing, affiliate programs as well as struggles and breakthroughs along the way.

I’ll be posting follow up articles on my progress and experiences on the site you are reading this article on, as well as at the “About” page on flink games.

Joshua P Williams – Author of

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