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A review of 2009 for Driftless Ramblings

I didn’t do too much to advance the exposure of Driftless Ramblings.  I did a little bit with adding to my microstock photography portfolios but not really consistently like I had hoped.  My portfolios have been earning slowly but making payouts are still pretty elusive.  I got two in 2009, one from Fotolia and one from Shutterstock.  Like to get my portfolio built up to the point where I can be getting a payout about every month or so.  All the different sites combined earn me about $10 per month, it’s just a matter of getting them to the payout threshhold.

My venture into writing for has been going pretty good.  I’ve been earning as much there as from my microstock sites.  The writing also gives me some backlinks to some various sites as I’m trying to get some affiliate marketing going.  As a matter of fact I have just received my first payout from, $12.27, not much but hopefully I can keep it growing.


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