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How To Make Money With Digital Photos

Article by Jerry Montgomery

Discover More and more amateur photographers the Internet as a marketplace for their digital photos. Magazines and new online agencies spring up like mushrooms from the virtual ground is, with generous promises, how easy it is to take pictures of money. Quite as easy as it is in practice. We’ll tell you what is important if you want to earn money with your images.

Photography seems to be getting easier. Digital cameras make it possible: clip hot – and ten minutes later, the photo on the web. The market for pictures is large and always hungry. Long after the big stock agencies have digitized their archives and emerging online agencies already take only digital material. The revolution that has taken place in the photographic technique in recent years, revolutionizing the distribution channels. Ten years ago an amateur had little chance of his pictures through an agency to sell. Since digital cameras are affordable for average consumers, but there is a kind of gold rush fever. The Internet is a new online agencies vying for the favor of images suppliers. But it is advisable to look closely: The competition is enormous, not everything can be commercialized. And it is also often the question of costs and benefits.

Who buys agency pictures? Magazines, companies, web designers and advertising agencies are among the most important image buyers.

They also define the requirements for images, content and quality. For customers prices of one to ten Although a private individual shopped a pic for the club homepage or the private side hobby. Small firms or individuals on a tight budget are rarely willing to spend more for image rights. For the photographer, the bottom line only merit, if he has pictures that are going well. And the best as many of these species.

What prices can be achieved? The price of images can vary from a few cents to several hundred euro. Since the market is very competitive, prices tend to bottom for quite some time. If the offer price too high, the potential client with standard designs always have the option to play one supplier against another. Because many amateurs are ready to sacrifice their material for vanishingly small amounts, or even free to publish, you should not screw his expectations for image fees too high. Anyone good, i.e. has above-average pictures can give it a try anyway and offer his motives for sale.

The decisive factor for the price, for example,

* the medium in which the subject is published (magazine, flyer, poster …)

* circulation and distribution area

* period over which the subject is to be used, and whether the customer is a

* exclusive use claims, and of course

* The quality and design.

The Federal Association for the press photo agencies are annually published a manual or a calculation software, can be calculated with the image fees according to various factors.

Which agency? Photo agencies are a dime a dozen. Entering the search term on Google in 0.04 seconds provides five and a half million hits. Which of the first hundred are really good? First, the agencies do indeed sell images, not necessarily new shop keepers in the archive. Therefore, not every agency is working with amateurs, because the administrative burden is enormous. All submitted photos must be assessed and the photographers and image data are stored and managed. Contract management and billing generates a lot of time and thus costs for the agency. This gives rise to claim their fees. And because they have to survive in a fiercely competitive market, each agency is committed to working with photographers that provide salable material – not once, but rather on a regular basis.

Some agencies specialize in certain subjects. If you can supply such as an underwater photographer or fireman again photos of specific topics, it makes no sense to adjust your images with an agency that is in demand in the fashion industry very much. Educate yourself, find your favorite subjects are sought and offered. In which agency your subjects best fit?

To obtain an agency agreement, there are different procedures. For new vendors that are not yet established, it is enough to set up an online account and accept the terms and conditions for registration. In the major agencies, the bar is set much higher: In some cases, you must complete a comprehensive questionnaire and apply with sample images. Once inside it means to be still nothing: only those who sold deserves. The fee is always paid until the transaction is completed with the customer, usually quarterly. In general, agency and photographer share the revenues to 50%. In some cases, the agency requires the photographer additional administrative or handling charges so they remain at a price of 50 EUR for the photographer 20 to 25 EUR (to be taxed if then).

Unknown agencies do not sell as easily as the giant pictures on the market. The larger and more well known, the agency, where you come in with your images, the more likely a sales success.

It is also found that agencies that have initially worked together with amateurs, freeze their accounts, or simply dissolve when, within a specified period, nothing was sold. Getty Images, one of the best-selling agencies in the world, charges a fee 5-50 $ (per image) before a new, unknown photographer upload their photos into specific collections and they can offer for two years to sell. In addition, there is also the opportunity to examine the portfolio for free from the professionals. This possibility should be done as a photographer only use when you can meet the high standards of the agency.

What does this mean for you as a Photographer? Try as much as possible about the agency experience. How long they are there already? How many images will be sold? How well the agency is found by search engines?

If you have decided you should read carefully next contract terms:

* Can you offer your photos at the same elsewhere?

* When looking only subjects with exclusive rights?

* How long do you need to make your images available to you when you can withdraw them at the earliest?


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