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DIY Photo Birth Announcements Can Look Professional

Article by C. L. Hendricks

When it comes to photo birth announcements, the trend towards DIY may not result in a birth announcement that you are happy with. Just because you have a digital camera, and photograph and greeting card software programs, doesn’t mean that you should make your own birth announcements.

Some parents share their advice about professional photos and birth announcements:

1. Get professional pictures taken to make into birth announcements. There are often photography studios at your local mall. Also shopping centers, like Wal-Mart, often have a professional portrait studio.

2. Professional photographs tend to be a bit more creative and a lot cuter! They also are much cheaper than buying them directly from the hospital.

For those who just cannot afford a professional photographer there are things that you can do to ensure that your baby’s photo birth announcements are something to be proud of. After all, just because one can look through the view-finder and snap a picture, doesn’t guarantee that the final result.

Here’s what some tips for taking baby photos suitable for birth announcements:

1. A high quality photo is a necessity for photo birth announcements. If you use the basic setting on your digital camera, the photo will come out grainy and not look professional. Instead, use the highest quality setting on your camera.

2. Often you can find tips about taking quality photos by visiting the camera manufacturer’s website.

3. Take the pictures of the baby in your own environment.

4. If you’ve already picked out a birth announcement, try to coordinate the color of the baby’s clothes with the colors used on the announcement.

5. Do NOT over dress the infant. You want to be able to see him/her.

6. Avoid possible complications, DO NOT take nude baby pictures.

7. Make sure the lighting is soft.

8. Plan to take pictures after the baby is well rested and fed.

9. Parents should sit this one out…(there’s some disagreement on this)

10. Include the parents in the picture. People want to see a family, or at least mother and child. Include other children in the picture if there are any.

11. Don’t prop the baby up or dress her/him in some costume. People like to see babies as babies, not as little adults.

Once you have photographs that you are happy with, you can ensure the best photo birth announcements by ordering the announcements from a company that specializes in birth announcements. The best ones are those that have trained image specialists that can actually take your picture and turn it “up a notch”. By adjusting brightness and contrast, and even using sepia tones, your DIY photos can actually take on a professional quality. This will ensure that your baby’s photo birth announcement will be something you can be proud to send to family and friends.

C.L. Hendricks has been a Jill-of-all-trades and become an expert in some. She writes for, as well as several other websites on a variety of topics.

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