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Should You Sell Your Pictures As Stock Photography?

stock photography
by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

Article by Tim Gagne Paquette

Thinking it’s time you started selling your images as stock? Stock photography is in big demand and everybody looks to be doing it, unfortunately though, most photographers are going about it the wrong way.

The very first thing you must do is get clear on where you want to end up …

Do you want a full time business? Do you dream about throwing in the day job and becoming a pro photographer? Or do you simply need some more cash from your photography? Perhaps you’d be content to buy a new lens every now and then from your profits?

If you need the first option, you are looking at joining a particularly tough industry and that is going to take serious time, effort and you’re going to have to invest real money to make it happen.

For stock photography you want to evaluate every element of your photography the standard of your work, the commercial potential of the subjects you shoot, how many images you have on file and how often you add to them. Quality, Content & Volume to achieve success in stock photography you have to have each of those aspects absolutely covered.

If you happen to feel you may need to work on any of those areas, I’d counsel you take your time to work on them first. Take a short course to improve your photography technique, buy some stock photography books to find more commercial subjects, and then shoot constantly to build your volume.

Stock is competitive and sure to suck the joy right out of your photography if you try to start sell stock photos before you’re prepared.

If you aren’t out for a major life-change though, you really have other more options.

A lot of part-time photographers place their pictures with the microstock libraries and hope to make a little bit of small change each year but I truly believe this is about the very worst of your choices.

A few of these stock photo sites are selling pictures for a buck or less each, royalty free, so the photographers gets a few cents for the sale, and the buyer gets free use of the image, forever. This does not worry plenty of beginners, but it has a huge impact on the industry. If that doesn’t concern you, it probably should.

If circumstances change and you decide one day to sell your photos seriously, each $ 1 sale you make is going to make it that much harder for you to make a living. And to make matters worse, you won’t be able to sell and of those photos to high-end photo buyers, because you will not have any idea where they’ve been published before or where they might turn up next.

Generally you’ll find a much better option for the hobbyist is to use your photosphotos as content rather than product, and publish them on your own easy photography internet sites promoting affiliate products. For most photographers this will lead on to much better returns without giving your photos away for peanuts, and if you one day decide to get serious about selling your photos, they are still exclusively yours to sell.

Matt Brading is a photographer, writer and webmaster. Matt prefers to sell stock photos through the direct contact libraries: GlobalEye Stock Photo Agency and OzImages Stock Photography Library.

Matt recently published over-the-shoulder videos that show you how to make your own profitable photo web sites in a weekend!

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How to sell stock photography

Article by Shawn Manaher

If you are a camera passionate, but you are not making money out of it yet, you are highly recommended to try selling stock photos on the internet. First, you will need to know where to find these stock photo agencies, read their submission guidelines and make sure you can follow them properly. There are several stock and microstock photography agencies spread around the world. All you have to do is browse through their guidelines to have a clear idea of what they can accept.There are still many different things to consider if you want to sell stock photography online. If you like to work with nature images such as with insects or flowers, try to use their scientific name. This will work wonders when using keywords as your photos will be found by much many people, thus the number of your sales will significantly increase for these specific photographs. Selling to more agencies at a time is also recommended. Since no agency is similar to another, something that one does not accept could be successfully accepted by plenty of other agencies. Just make sure that the photographs you are putting for sale are free of noise, clear and shot using the highest resolution of your camera.Never submit photographs to an online stock photo agency before reading their guidelines and also checking whether they need or not what you are going to supply them with. You will find out that is very difficult to sell stock photos on the internet if you do not follow these rules. Sizing your photos properly will also lead to more sales, as this is a main criterion for many advertisers that want to use the photos for advertising purposes. Crop the pictures correctly and you will notice that you can sell them to many different agencies, as they can be used virtually anywhere.

Do not forget that the more photos you submit, the more money you will earn. If you have an online portfolio too, ensure you have a wide range of pictures with different themes and subjects to choose form. A limited selection is less likely to be sold to any agency. Take some time to check their selections as well before submitting your own selection to a stock photography agency. Remember that rejection is part of all businesses, especially when you are at the beginning, and selling stock photography is not an exception. This may happen from time to time, but it does not necessarily mean that your photography is not good. It can simply be because of the fact that it does not match with what they are looking for or they are already having too much of the topic you are presenting. Consider this as part of your attempt to make a living with your camera. Do your best and keep plugging away and so you will eventually see the sales you are looking for. Do not forget that practice makes it perfect. If you use all of these suggestions and tips in conjunction with your determination and skills, you should be able to succeed in selling your photography to many online agencies that are in need of good quality photos for advertising.

The author has spent a lot of time learning about sell stock photography and other related topics. Read more about sell stock at their website.

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Digital Stock Photography: How to Shoot and Sell

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